New Website!

Welcome to the all new! We’re excited to provide you with a complete digital home for all the latest news and updates. Here is a note from Rom:

“Welcome to the new! It’s been a lot of work trying to update the site, but I’m proud to say it’s ready and functional!

Hopefully, all manner of information pertaining to the music and our activities will be answered here, and you never know what you may unearth by browsing around. It’s a ‘work in progress’, as the accumulation of all the pertinent information requires updates, follow us and like us on social media to get updates as things are always evolving. Our new site can be viewed on any and all of your digital devices, so do tell us what you think! Let us know if there is something you would like to see.
Thank you for you interest in our work, and please enjoy your stay!“- Rom

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