New Album Update #2

Static Limit has finished writing the sophomore album entitled EXISTENTIA. Here is a note from Rom:

”I am happy to announce that the 2nd Static Limit album is written. We are very pleased with our compositions on EXISTENTIA. We explored new sounds and scales which we didn’t get to implement on A THING ABOUT MACHINES. Currently, we are preparing ourselves to record final tracks in the home studio(s) this Fall. Hopefully the album will be mixed and mastered and ready for your ears in 2020. Live dates should be appearing on our facebook page & announced to our mailing list subscribers before the release date. Album artwork ideas have been bounced around but nothing set in stone at the moment, but rest assured we will keep ya updated. For now here’s the track list:” – Rom

“EXISTENTIA” track listing:

1. Veil Of Illusion (6:15)
2. A Priori (4:05)
3. Symbiont (5:03)
4. Sage (3:49)
5. Fifth World (7:19)
6. The Origins
• I. One’s Own Self (2:32)
• II. Paradoxical (5:15)
• III. The Morphist (3:12)
• IV. Manifesto (3:23)
• V. Finale (2:04)

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