In The Studio

As you know, the band has been in the writing/recording process for a while. They know it’s been hard for you to stick with them without knowing what they have been working on. Here is a note from Jay:


“Earlier in the CD writing process we invested some time doing a lot research on the styles, techniques, and technologies we were interested in. As a result we have an overabundance of ideas on our songwriting table; in fact, the method in which we are writing involves so much intense multitasking it’s overtaxing my G4. To remedy this situation I had to upgrade the studio computer’s processor, RAM, hard drive, and plug ins engine. We use Mark of the Unicorn’s Digital Performer as our main sequencer, which is great for the audio and MIDI integrated environment we need to produce Static Limit music. On the final CD you will hear both preset and custom sounds from IK Multimedia’s Sample Tank 2, along with an assortment of loops and dialog samples from various developers. The plug-ins we are using includes the MOTU’s MAS bundle, Apple’s core audio units suite, and TC Electronics Powercore farm card collection. Rom and I write on the Macintosh platform via Digital Performer 4 while Mar writes on his PC using Steinberg’s Cubase SX as our schedule permits. After a member is done with the conductor track we all get together and finalize the other parts in the studio, which is where the magic happens. Writing this way is pretty chaotic sometimes, but we are having a blast working on our debut CD.” – Jay

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