In The Studio

This past weekend, Static Limit entered the studio and laid down the drums for two songs. They will be recording ATAM at MP Recording in nearby Weslaco, Texas. If you visit their website, you can actually see pics of the drumset Mar used for these two tracks! Plus, Mar’s been up all night putting together a short video for you guys, so make sure you check it out in the Downloads section. Here’s a short note from Mar:

“Hey guys, we’re knee-deep in it now! This past weekend I was able to knock out both PU-36 and Caprica in the studio. Since these two songs are dynamically different than everything else on the album, we chose to use the studio’s house set to help distinguish the drum sound from the other tracks. I’m playing on a Tama Starclassic with a Porkpie snare. These drums have a deeper timbre than my Pearl ELX set and we felt they would fit perfectly with the tone of PU-36 and Caprica. Enjoy the video!” – Mar

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